Day 3 Monday

OMG! I overslept and missed Federer’s press conference. I didn’t wake up until 10am. 😦
But I found out Verdasco is playing at 11am and since I want to be his 2nd mother I must get there and cheer him on.
so I finally get there and I’m cheering away only to realize I’m cheering for the wrong person. They both had baseball caps on and from where I was sitting way high up until Verdasco took his bb cap off I didn’t realize it was him.
Score was 6-3, 4-5 when V served his way out of trouble. What a forehead.
Another nice day, cloudy and breezy.
1pm I’m in the pressroom. Crazy day.Announcing interviews to jounalists all day.Federer, Nadal, Fish press conferences. W T A sets up individual interviews with 9 of the top women. Kinda like speed reporting.
Than a Verdasco interview.
Got to take a Japanese woman reporter to the player lounge to interview Ayumi Morita. I’m in there looking around and I really don’t recognize anyone.
There were more International journalists showing up today.
The internet went down several times and people were flipping out.
Constantly updated scores for reporters and announced who is being interviewed at what time.
Caroline Wozniaki was at a booth today signing autographs.
Watched Sms Ivanovic win.
Watched Gasquet beat Dolgopolov. D’s body language was so lethargic. D was up 5-4
In the 2nd set and ended up losing.
Watched Roderick win the first set and be looked great . So I left and when I got to the hotel I found out he lost.
Roger will play DelPotro Tuesday.
Signing off.


Day 2 Sunday

Great day. Weather was cloudy and warm with a breeze.
Going up on elevator to the pressroom Matt wilander got on with me. He is tall and thin.
Be does some travel tennis show now.
More journalists are coming in but only half. A lot of online publications are here.
No more senior tennis. Not enough courts with
The women added.
DelPotro played 5 games and his opponent retired.
He gave an interview which I got to sit in on. Was learning what audio equipment I had to operate.
DelPotro was so soft spoken and good looking and tall 6ft6. He has to play Federer next. I think on Monday.
I worked again in the pressroom and a new volunteer showed up and her name is Karen Ashby from mayfield village. She is a 3.5 and played against our 7.0 Mixed doubles team. She remembered Mark and Elin. Small world. Also ran into Pat Butanski from One Wellness.
My day ended with watching Caroline W.practice.
Then a front row seat watching Nadal practice. Then I watched the Blake and Bagdatis match.
Tomorrow on Monday Federer is having a press conference at 10am which they said I could go to.
That’s all for today.
Signing out.

Day 1 in cincy

Hi Everyone
Left at 8:15am this morning. Kinda nervous to drive to Cincy by myself. Jack spoiled me and does all the long distance driving. I had to step outside my box. But I thought if Debbie Noble can drive to Naples and Ludi to Washington I can drive to cincy.
I made it in 4hrs and it wasn’t as bad as i thought.

Found my way to the press room…nicely air conditioned. It was hot and humid here.
Kind of quiet. Journalists just starting to come and settle in. A good learning day. Will be busier tomorrow. Volunteers working outside were dying from the heat.
Federer was practicing and the crowd went wild..

As I

was leaving after bribing a golf cart worker to drive me to my car i saw Rodick working out

Well i am very tired and have to close my eyes

DelPotro playing tomorrow and in the evening Blake and Bagdatis

Hello tennis friends!

I’ve gotten home from the tennis party at Kathleen and Lee Homyock’s lake home with a priceless view. The DJ was great, the weather and food was great. We had a good time and wished more tennis people would of been there.

Well it’s 1am Saturday morning and I’m still packing to leave for Cincinnati around 7-8am.

For those of you who need to be updated I am volunteering at the Cincinnati Tennis Tournament for 9 days. I got a position in the Press Room and the Interview Room.
There will be 80 journalists from all over the world and the ATP and WTA as well as ESPN and the Tennis Channel. So exactly what will I be doing…not sure. I just know I’m in the room with all of them from 1-6pm.  In the morning and afterwards I can wander around and watch some matches. I’ll also be in the interview room that you see from home when the pros are interviewed in that little room. We’ll see how it goes.

You can read my blog and see what I’m up to and what adventures I come across.

Night nite.