Hi all,
Left the hotel around 10am and traffic was crazy.
Took me 45min for a 10min trip.
I was going to the Raffa and Verdasco match. I got to see the first set and a half before I had to go to
the pressroom. I was able to watch from there and got reprimanded for cheering for Verdasco. Oh please. I said he’s still in it. I was allowed to go to the interview room for his press conference though. He was not in the mood to answer questions. And he looks kinda mean up close with his gotee beard.
Back to the match. At 6all they do not switch after 1-0. They switch and take a break at 3-3.
Verdasco was up 5-4 but double faults for
5-5. Then he serves and volleys but not deep and Nadal hits it back for a winner. Than after several shots V hits a backward out for Nadal to win the first set 7-6, Verdasco wins second set 7-6 and Nadal wins 3rd set 7-6
Back to work…mostly updating scores, announcing interviews, printing interviews out and passing them out to the journalists.
Got sent down to monitor the museum for an hour.
Had lots of people visiting it.
Off of work at 6pm
Went to the grandstand to see Jankovec and Schiavone. They can have their coach come down on the changeover if they want. They both wanted their coach.
Schiavone has such a toned body. Her strokes are
so exaggerated she hits a lot of them to the sky.
Mishits. won the first set and S was down 3-5 in the second but came back to win it 7-5. Hardly anyone was watching until center court was over with and than hoards of people started to come over. J started to freak out. She is such a cry baby. J pretended to have an injury to her thigh and called out for a traininer before the 3rd set began. J got way up in the 3rd set and S start to come back but lost 6-4. S was the crowd favorite.
Doubles was next. Bryan brothers against Dlouhy and Dolgopolov.went 3 sets with Bryan brie winning 10-1 in tiebreak.
Another gorgeous night here.
Saw some lightening when leaving.
Good night all.


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