Day 5 Wednesday

Hi Everyone,
Met up with Diane Koury this morning on court4 at 11am where Kuznetsova was playing followed by Verdasco. Well she blew it for me. She was up 4-1 and lost 6-4. Than she won the next 2 sets. By that time I had to go to the pressroom. So I missed Verdasco. 😦
Lots of play going on. Updating of scores. Lots of nterviews and they have a stegnographer in the interview room where she takes notes then she emails it to the office where it gets typed and copied for print to the journalists.
I’ve been talking with volunteers and lots of them have volunteered for many years like 14-34 years.
The big news was Wozniaki losing. The bigger news was Serene withdrawing. She said it was due to her big toe. By winning Toronto her ranking from 80 to 31. I think she was tired and didn’t want to play Stousar again so soon.
Got a call from Sharon but we couldn’t meet up.
Left the pressroom and went back to court 4 at 5pm to see men’s doubles. Verdasco and Lopez vs Dolgopolov and Dully?.
It was really something to see them up so close and how hard they serve and hit.
Lopez sucks…Verdasco needs a new partner. But Dolgopolov
hits the hardest out of all of them. The Spaniards lost. 😦
Than I went to center court to see Novak and Ryan Harrison. It was a beautiful night for tennis.
Ryan started off good but just made more mistakes than Novak. It was the white knight vs the black knight.

Signing off


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