Day 4 at Cincy

Hi all
Got to watch Tsonga and Cilic for a set. Cilic is so tall with the skinniest legs. Tsonga won.
Headed to pressroom at 1pm. Lots of updating of scores and interview requests. ATP and WTA decides who is going to be interviewed and when.
I got to watch parts of Serena’s match.
Day went pretty fast. I was working a double shift
And now I’m onto the interview room just in time to see Serena’s interview.She is one big girl. She gave a really good interview other than just a yes or no.Than all night long one interview after another. I was in the room recording the audio. I also had to put a new towel on their seat, a bottle of Evian water and their name plate.
Kvitova, Petkovic, Sharapova all came in.
Than DelPotro came in and as soon as DelPotro walked out Roger
Walked in and sat down but I still had DelPotro’s name plate up there. So I flew down and grabbed DelPotro’s name off the table and got Rogers name plate and put it on the table in front of Roger. Roger says in the microphone “was I somebody else? Am I the right person now?” I said yes yes your you now. Everybody laughed. He also gave a great interview. Not just yes and no.
I got out of their about 11:45.
My man Verdasco plays tomorrow.
Signing off.


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