Day 3 Monday

OMG! I overslept and missed Federer’s press conference. I didn’t wake up until 10am. 😦
But I found out Verdasco is playing at 11am and since I want to be his 2nd mother I must get there and cheer him on.
so I finally get there and I’m cheering away only to realize I’m cheering for the wrong person. They both had baseball caps on and from where I was sitting way high up until Verdasco took his bb cap off I didn’t realize it was him.
Score was 6-3, 4-5 when V served his way out of trouble. What a forehead.
Another nice day, cloudy and breezy.
1pm I’m in the pressroom. Crazy day.Announcing interviews to jounalists all day.Federer, Nadal, Fish press conferences. W T A sets up individual interviews with 9 of the top women. Kinda like speed reporting.
Than a Verdasco interview.
Got to take a Japanese woman reporter to the player lounge to interview Ayumi Morita. I’m in there looking around and I really don’t recognize anyone.
There were more International journalists showing up today.
The internet went down several times and people were flipping out.
Constantly updated scores for reporters and announced who is being interviewed at what time.
Caroline Wozniaki was at a booth today signing autographs.
Watched Sms Ivanovic win.
Watched Gasquet beat Dolgopolov. D’s body language was so lethargic. D was up 5-4
In the 2nd set and ended up losing.
Watched Roderick win the first set and be looked great . So I left and when I got to the hotel I found out he lost.
Roger will play DelPotro Tuesday.
Signing off.


One thought on “Day 3 Monday

  1. What a whirlwind of activity for one day! Is there a feeling that there are an increasing number of international players, esp from Asian countries? Is there more that goes on behind the scenes at these tournaments than you realized? Live reading your posts!

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