Day 2 Sunday

Great day. Weather was cloudy and warm with a breeze.
Going up on elevator to the pressroom Matt wilander got on with me. He is tall and thin.
Be does some travel tennis show now.
More journalists are coming in but only half. A lot of online publications are here.
No more senior tennis. Not enough courts with
The women added.
DelPotro played 5 games and his opponent retired.
He gave an interview which I got to sit in on. Was learning what audio equipment I had to operate.
DelPotro was so soft spoken and good looking and tall 6ft6. He has to play Federer next. I think on Monday.
I worked again in the pressroom and a new volunteer showed up and her name is Karen Ashby from mayfield village. She is a 3.5 and played against our 7.0 Mixed doubles team. She remembered Mark and Elin. Small world. Also ran into Pat Butanski from One Wellness.
My day ended with watching Caroline W.practice.
Then a front row seat watching Nadal practice. Then I watched the Blake and Bagdatis match.
Tomorrow on Monday Federer is having a press conference at 10am which they said I could go to.
That’s all for today.
Signing out.


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