Day 1 in cincy

Hi Everyone
Left at 8:15am this morning. Kinda nervous to drive to Cincy by myself. Jack spoiled me and does all the long distance driving. I had to step outside my box. But I thought if Debbie Noble can drive to Naples and Ludi to Washington I can drive to cincy.
I made it in 4hrs and it wasn’t as bad as i thought.

Found my way to the press room…nicely air conditioned. It was hot and humid here.
Kind of quiet. Journalists just starting to come and settle in. A good learning day. Will be busier tomorrow. Volunteers working outside were dying from the heat.
Federer was practicing and the crowd went wild..

As I

was leaving after bribing a golf cart worker to drive me to my car i saw Rodick working out

Well i am very tired and have to close my eyes

DelPotro playing tomorrow and in the evening Blake and Bagdatis


2 thoughts on “Day 1 in cincy

  1. Hi Marilyn — I’m Jack’s friend from high school, Karen. I’m so happy you have this opportunity — sounds like a great blend of career and avocation. I saw Federer practice at the US Open a few years ago and there was this young woman in front of me at courtside who kept waving a bedraggled longstem rose and shouting, “Roger! I love you!” which served to keep him at the other end of the court. The more he ignored her, the more determined she got to get his attention. I wanted to strangle her.

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