Hello tennis friends!

I’ve gotten home from the tennis party at Kathleen and Lee Homyock’s lake home with a priceless view. The DJ was great, the weather and food was great. We had a good time and wished more tennis people would of been there.

Well it’s 1am Saturday morning and I’m still packing to leave for Cincinnati around 7-8am.

For those of you who need to be updated I am volunteering at the Cincinnati Tennis Tournament for 9 days. I got a position in the Press Room and the Interview Room.
There will be 80 journalists from all over the world and the ATP and WTA as well as ESPN and the Tennis Channel. So exactly what will I be doing…not sure. I just know I’m in the room with all of them from 1-6pm.  In the morning and afterwards I can wander around and watch some matches. I’ll also be in the interview room that you see from home when the pros are interviewed in that little room. We’ll see how it goes.

You can read my blog and see what I’m up to and what adventures I come across.

Night nite.



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